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A Journey to a Better Life

Welcome to Baker’s Better Life.

What started out as a personal journey to find a Better Life has become so much more. Like any journey, there are ups and downs and I am sharing all of that with you. The goal of Baker’s Better Life is to walk with you on your journey. To let you know that you aren’t alone and to share the lessons I have learned so that maybe you don’t always have to take the long way. As the journey continues I am sharing those lessons through speaking engagements, the blog, the YouTube channel and my TEDx talk. I can’t wait to connect with you and hear all about your journey to a Better Life!

Why does the Better Life movement matter? Because waking up exhausted and dreading facing the day sucks. Because slugging away at a job you a Meh about so that you can take a vacation once a year and maybe retire someday, sucks. Because you are meant for so much more! Because you have so much you want to do, create, explore, experience! You can design a life to include these things….it starts with the 3 WORDS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE….hit play on that video and get ready to start your journey.

Blogging Goodness

You need Bulletproof Coffee…NOW.

You need Bulletproof Coffee in your life. Ok, maybe not everyone...only people who would like to lose weight, or have increased energy, or increased focus throughout the day, or decreased food cravings, or control of food cravings, or who want delicious healthy...

Love Yourself. Hacking Self-Care Day 1- Decide

Welcome to a dedicated week of self-care! Are you excited to spend 7 days taking a little time to focus on yourself? How often do you actually think about your self-care, and no....when you are sick, or injured doesn't count. Right. If you are like me there are many...