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Let’s talk about sleep, Baby.

How are you doing with your self-care? We are more than halfway though our week of loving yourself and I hope you are loving it. The key to self-care is consistency. While I love a good day of self-care, it’s the daily habits that really keep you going long term. So if the key to self-care is consistency, what is the key to consistency? SLEEP! Sleep is the start of all things good and evil. Sleep is the key to effective stress management, weight loss, muscle recovery, memory….shall I go on…not being a dick all the time, ok you get the picture. SLEEP is key. This is where you are likely thinking, ‘but I don’t have time to sleep more’, or ‘but I sleep fine’. Well how do you know?

The critical first step to understanding your sleep is looking at it. As they say, if you track it, you can change it.  First, You have to track your sleep.  There are a number of great apps and products on the market to help you track your sleep. I use the Oura Ring and Beddit, but for sleep tracking without a device and simply on you phone you can use apps like Sleep Cycle and Sleep Better. I like that Sleep Better can be used in Airplane mode. Along with tracking you have to start looking at the data or have a Bulletproof Coach (like me) help you interpret the data and further hack your sleep.

Second, limit blue light exposure. This is covered more in my Facebook Live on Sleep (2-16-17). In short blue light suppresses melatonin (our sleepy time hormone) because our body is still receiving ‘it’s daytime’ signals from the environment. So limit blue light. This means turn the lights in your house red, orange, or dim if that is all you can do. Turn on NIGHT SHIFT (how to use nightshift). Put F.lux (it’s free) on your computer to block blue light. Turn off the TV or wear blue light blocking glasses.

Third, pay attention to what you eat and drink at night. This is such an important and easy hack. If you are struggling with GERD, you aren’ going to sleep well, and it’s likely something you are eating that is causing it. If you are eating a lot of sugar, your body is actively trying to use and store that energy. If you drink alcohol and night it may make you feel sleepy initially but inhibits deep sleep and can wake you up in the middle of the night. Start looking at what you have eaten and what your tracked sleep looks like. For some people it’s the opposite and they are very active and fairly low carb and their bodies need a little extra fuel at night, so some raw honey or sweet potato may be what is needed. This is where you get to actively start hacking your sleep by seeing the cause and effect. If you are struggling with sleep and not seeing the results you like it may be the right time to work with a coach to help you out.

In my Facebook live video, which is below, I talk about some products that I have found tremendously helpful.

Swanwick Sleep Blue Light Blocking Glasses: These are a great option if you cannot make some of the other environmental changes and are really cost effective.

The Eye Mask I love because sleeping in the dark is critical

Magnesium Spray to help hack getting to sleep

Colloidal Silver Nose Spray – to help with breathing at night, because if you can’t breath you won’t get deep sleep. Another option for nose spray is Xylitol Nose Spray

Arbonne Sleep Spray- This is a tremendous and versatile product. If you have a consultant contact them. If not I am happy to help you order or answer any questions about our sleep spray

*this is not a sponsored post but  does contain affiliate links

Our living room in the evening. All that red light. If you can’t change out all your lights a lamp is a great way to add a Hue Bulb and get started with some awesome sleep.

We added a lamp in the hallway too so the whole house could be turned down in the evening.