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The other ‘F’ word

FUN! Fun is a integral part of self-care and something that adults don’t do enough of. We don’t play, we don’t choose to do things just for fun, and we don’t prioritize having fun each day.  Kids are pro’s at seeking fun above all else, they don’t care if they are bathed, or have eaten dinner, or done homework if they are engaged in something fun they are transfixed.  Note – if you consider scrolling social media as your fun…..stop it- that is not your fun- you can do better. We are going to dive in to add some real fun to our weeks as part of our self care.

Just like when we evaluated what self-care ritual may work best for us on day 1, we fist need to decide what is fun for us. What makes you giddy with excitement to do? What have you stopped doing that you used to enjoy? What have you been curious about? These activities could be something quiet like coloring or painting, or something loud and exciting like dancing or even something silly like video games, or mobile gaming like Pokémon Go {Gen 2 out now.gotta catch em all}. Do you have one thing in mind? Let’s move forward from there.

FirstSchedule space for fun. Put aside a few hours a week for your activity or activities. Even if they are broken up into 30 minute stints. I really enjoy dancing {when I am not playing Pokémon} so I make sure I do a few of ‘The Fitness Marshall’s’  workout/dance videos because they are silly fun….so is Just Dance on the Wii. Put these commitments into your phone or your planner and treat it like you would a commitment to a boss, friend, or your kids. This time is non-negotiable. One of the best ways to make sure you do it is to schedule that time in the morning before life can sidetrack you. If you are worried about how to plan your week we are talking about Planning tomorrow!

Second – Explore your options for fun. Have you been a tourist in your town or a neighboring one? You should. Novelty can spark a lot of fun and bring something different. Start a list of things in your area you wan to explore. Hiking trails, parks, restaurants, music venues, clubs, museums.  A town to the south of us has a large arcade area on a Pier. Ski-ball, old school pin ball etc. I saw a recent article about how this arcade was going to be closing and realized that this treasure, 15 minutes from my home, is somewhere I have never taken my kids….WHAT? On the list it went.  Give yourself 15 minutes and list all the things or categories of things you want to try and then start to add one thing at a time into your weekends!

ThirdInfuse fun – aside from our targeted, dedicated fun efforts, we also need to infuse fun into our everyday. Do you have a long commute? Is that an opportunity for fun? YES! Get a great audio book, or listen to some comedy performances. There are tons of them are on Apple Music and Pandora, I love Jim Gaffigan. What about household chores and dishes….same thing, put some fun into it. Take a minute and think about what opportunities for fun you have in your daily routine.

Play is a way we explore our world, I am not sure when the responsibilities of life takeover play, but it’s time to take it back. Bring back the play even if its in small increments. A commitment to have some Fun every day is non negotiable.

If you don’t play Pokémon Go…..seriously, it’s time to consider walking around where you live catching adorable little Pokémon, battling gyms and meeting  new people. It will bring some fun and exercise into your life. If mobile gaming makes you want to claw your eyes out maybe it’s not for you but give it a try! Go team MYSTIC!!!