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It’s PRIME DAY! Get the most bang for your buck shopping online today!

It’s PRIME DAY! Get the most bang for your buck shopping online today!

You guys know that I love LOVE Amazon. I use Amazon Prime for tons of my shopping in an effort to limit the amount of time I spend running errands. I watch Amazon Prime Video streamed through my TV because they have tons of TV shows and Movies as well as rentals. We are trying to limit the amount we spend on cable so between Amazon Prime Video and Netflix we have it covered. My family also uses Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery. But today TODAY TODAY, you can do a 30-Day free trial of Prime. If you sign up today you can take advantage of the amazing Prime Day Deals. If you haven’t tried prime, and experienced the Magic of your purchases arriving at your door within 2 days for free!!! For added savings you can hop over to Ebates and get 3% back on your prime day sale purchases. Brief aside about Ebates, I was introduced to this by my friend Kim, you go to the ebates site first, then click through to your shopping site and earn cash back….actual cash. They pay out every three months and will pay directly into PayPal. Yes, this is my Etsy spending fund, so all the money I get through ebates to buy things on Amazon that I would buy anyway gets me cash back. Ebats tracks purchasing habits, but they don’t track you specifically, its more general than that. SO if you want to add up your savings this is the way to go.

I also find that with amazon purchasing I buy exactly what I need when I need it. This is huge for us because we downsized our home to 910 square feet and I don’t want to keep things I don’t need. So now whenever we are running low we can grab it on Amazon and have it in a few days. No keeping 5 bottles of Olive Oil, ( I do have 3 bags of coconut chips but that’s another story), running low on printer ink…it will be here in a few days, out of cat food, not  a worry…It has made it much easier to simplify my life.

I am including a link so you can get in on these amazing deals today because it will make your life simpler, and less time running errands is more time for stuff that’s fun, and that is balance!


* I have included my associate link in this post. I have been a devoted Amazon user long before I started this blog. I want to share the things in my life that I use and love, and a little compensation from the affiliate link isn’t bad either. I will NEVER recommend something for compensation, I am here to share, not sell.