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Is an Evening Routine the Key to Success –  Part One

Is an Evening Routine the Key to Success – Part One

Is an evening routine the key to success?

Part 1

Adventures in failing at the one thing miserably.

As you may recall my one thing that I am trying to change is my bed time. I am consistently working to push my bed time earlier so that a) I can get adequate sleep to help my body heal and b) so I can get up early to have a meaningful morning routine.

So then why can’t I get to bed. What is the one thing keeping me from getting into bed at night? Stuff…it’s really just stuff. Some nights it’s cleaning the kitchen, some nights it’s Facebook. So why can’t I just turn it off and go to bed all ready?

It’s because I am overtired, over scheduled and overwhelmed. I am reading The One Thing by Gary Keller and working to boil down what I absolutely have to do in the evening to get to bed. Yet I’m overwhelmed by the amount that I have to do and I haven’t been able to boil it down to just one thing. Truth be told I haven’t set aside time to sit down and really think about what the one thing is. I keep just putting out fires, getting the daily chores done, trying to make sure that the morning is ready. Frankly I am overwhelmed trying to figure out what the one thing is because there is no just one thing some nights, there are a million things. There are dishes that need to be done, food to prepare for the next day, clothes to sort, to put away ext.

The true conundrum is how can you set aside the time to find time! That made me evaluate my time. Where does it go, seriously, where!! I discovered that the problem is that these daily household management tasks aren’t getting time allotted to them and they are eating into my other time. Additionally, I am not scheduling or allowing for downtime for me. I am not allowing for an hour of reading, or Facebook, or TV or anything. So when I do take snippets of down time I feel guilty, like I am letting everything else fall apart. Which is how I end up in bed at 11:30pm fooling around on Facebook.

The heart of this gets back to self-care. If I was making adequate time to take care of me, I wouldn’t feel like I have to steal moments here and there to get ‘me’ things done. If I just allowed myself some mindless time instead of trying to squeeze it in at bedtime or 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there. I wonder if I actually  blocked out a chunk of time to do these things then maybe I would feel like I had really done them. I know I spend moments doing things for me, checking Instagram, Facebook, looking at things online ext., but because these are stolen moments I don’t register them. It never seems like I have really taken time.

Over these series of posts I am going to be exploring what makes a successful nighttime routine and reworking my own. I will be reworking my evening plan so that I have time for the laundry, time for the kitchen and time for me. I realize now that trying to make all of those things happen every-night just isn’t working. I have to sit down and rewrite my evening routine in a realistic way that allows time for everything I regularly do plus a little time for me. Only then will I truly be able to turn in at 10:00pm (my self imposed, oft failed bedtime), because only then will I feel like I can finally stop.

So Better Lifers spend a little time and write down what you think you need to get done overnight and start boiling it down to that one thing. I am going to be doing mine by night so that they include taking the kids here and there so that I don’t try to over schedule Tae Kwon Do night or something. Share with me how you schedule your night to make sure you have some time for you and still get done most of what you want. Let’s get this night time thing popping!