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Love Yourself – Hacking Self-Care Day 4- Sleep

Love Yourself – Hacking Self-Care Day 4- Sleep

Let’s talk about sleep, Baby.

How are you doing with your self-care? We are more than halfway though our week of loving yourself and I hope you are loving it. The key to self-care is consistency. While I love a good day of self-care, it’s the daily habits that really keep you going long term. So if the key to self-care is consistency, what is the key to consistency? SLEEP! Sleep is the start of all things good and evil. Sleep is the key to effective stress management, weight loss, muscle recovery, memory….shall I go on…not being a dick all the time, ok you get the picture. SLEEP is key. This is where you are likely thinking, ‘but I don’t have time to sleep more’, or ‘but I sleep fine’. Well how do you know?

The critical first step to understanding your sleep is looking at it. As they say, if you track it, you can change it.  First, You have to track your sleep.  There are a number of great apps and products on the market to help you track your sleep. I use the Oura Ring and Beddit, but for sleep tracking without a device and simply on you phone you can use apps like Sleep Cycle and Sleep Better. I like that Sleep Better can be used in Airplane mode. Along with tracking you have to start looking at the data or have a Bulletproof Coach (like me) help you interpret the data and further hack your sleep.

Second, limit blue light exposure. This is covered more in my Facebook Live on Sleep (2-16-17). In short blue light suppresses melatonin (our sleepy time hormone) because our body is still receiving ‘it’s daytime’ signals from the environment. So limit blue light. This means turn the lights in your house red, orange, or dim if that is all you can do. Turn on NIGHT SHIFT (how to use nightshift). Put F.lux (it’s free) on your computer to block blue light. Turn off the TV or wear blue light blocking glasses.

Third, pay attention to what you eat and drink at night. This is such an important and easy hack. If you are struggling with GERD, you aren’ going to sleep well, and it’s likely something you are eating that is causing it. If you are eating a lot of sugar, your body is actively trying to use and store that energy. If you drink alcohol and night it may make you feel sleepy initially but inhibits deep sleep and can wake you up in the middle of the night. Start looking at what you have eaten and what your tracked sleep looks like. For some people it’s the opposite and they are very active and fairly low carb and their bodies need a little extra fuel at night, so some raw honey or sweet potato may be what is needed. This is where you get to actively start hacking your sleep by seeing the cause and effect. If you are struggling with sleep and not seeing the results you like it may be the right time to work with a coach to help you out.

In my Facebook live video, which is below, I talk about some products that I have found tremendously helpful.

Swanwick Sleep Blue Light Blocking Glasses: These are a great option if you cannot make some of the other environmental changes and are really cost effective.

The Eye Mask I love because sleeping in the dark is critical

Magnesium Spray to help hack getting to sleep

Colloidal Silver Nose Spray – to help with breathing at night, because if you can’t breath you won’t get deep sleep. Another option for nose spray is Xylitol Nose Spray

Arbonne Sleep Spray- This is a tremendous and versatile product. If you have a consultant contact them. If not I am happy to help you order or answer any questions about our sleep spray

*this is not a sponsored post but  does contain affiliate links

Our living room in the evening. All that red light. If you can’t change out all your lights a lamp is a great way to add a Hue Bulb and get started with some awesome sleep.

We added a lamp in the hallway too so the whole house could be turned down in the evening.

Reduce Stress & Increase Energy with this one Phone Hack

Reduce Stress & Increase Energy with this one Phone Hack

Yes! You can reduce your stress and increase your energy with one simple phone hack that will take you only moments!!

How many times a day does your phone pull your focus away from what you are doing? Research indicates that the average person checks their smartphone 150 times a day, which broken down over waking hours is like every SIX MINUTES. I bet that if this is you, its because something has triggered you to check your phone. Those triggers are normally some kind of alert. So & So has posted a photo on Instagram…..Betty Sue has checked in on Facebook.

These notifications are dictating your schedule and your behavior. TAKE BACK YOUR TIME and stop WASTING ENERGY on other peoples priorities.Finally Free

Turn off your notifications! All your notifications, but especially social media and email notifications, I promise you won’t miss anything important. Leave your Calendar notifications on so you don’t miss appointments but don’t distract yourself with ‘so and so posted a new photo’, check social media intentionally and on YOUR TIME.

The average smartphone user doesn’t adjust the notification settings on their phones. Don’t be average…make your phone work for you. By turning of notifications your attention won’t be pulled by the ping or buzz of your phone. You are in control of when you check your phone and when you want to take a moment to check Facebook, Instagram of Snapchat, do it. The only notifications I leave on are my health apps. I love a Stand Up Now….Take a Deep Breath…..or,  be present, reminder.

Turning off notifications should only take a minute and will free you from split attention. Part of the reason we feel stress is because we have too many open loops going on in our mind at a time. When you see a notification while you are doing something else it can spiral into a longer visit on your phone than you intended or it can trigger you to do something else, like commenting on photos, or wondering why you weren’t invited to lunch. Next thing you know it’s 20 minutes later, you are now behind schedule and the stress starts to build.

So take a breath, take the plunge, turn it off,  and free yourself.


Becoming Bulletproof-Why I chose Bulletproof Coach Training

Becoming Bulletproof-Why I chose Bulletproof Coach Training

Hey Better Lifers! As  you guys probably know by now the Bulletproof Diet has been a huge part of my health transformation. To read the whole long journey of my health woes the post is here. But in short I was sick, like all the time. I was missing work almost a week a month for a year (talk about stress). I saw Doctors I didn’t know existed and even an Infectious Disease specialist (talk about a really uncomfortable waiting room, just wondering if someone in there has ebola).

I know now that my poor body was pretty stressed from my lifestyle, work as a lawyer, but it was also stressed by food allergies I didn’t know I had. So when any little thing popped up my body couldn’t fight back. I am pretty sure what really threw me off the cliff was a nine month treatment for an exposure to Tuberculosis. I had tested negative my whole life, with lifeguarding as a summer job we were tested regularly. I knew there had been a few TB concerns in courts I worked in, but I was really surprised when I had a positive test in 2013. By positive I mean blisters up and down my arm that were super painful. I knew it was a bad reaction when my doctor asked if she could take a picture of it because she had never seen a reaction that bad. But the Nine months on antibiotics just destroyed my already fragile system.

What I have learned is that your immune system starts with your gut bacteria (you can check out way more about that here and here) and antibiotics destroy your gut bacteria. So things got really bad. When I went out of work on Disability in August 2014 it made me start searching for another way to fix my health. After a year traditional medicine just kept prescribing antibiotics….and I was never healthy. When I wasn’t ‘sick’, I was still tired, agitated and uncomfortable in my own body.

A friend and co-worker, to whom I am forever grateful, suggested allergy testing. Once I discovered how much I was allergic to (26 FOODS!) I knew that food was going to be a large component to fixing my health. So after some googling I came across the Bulletproof Executive blog by Dave Aspery. This man’s story spoke to my heart because it was my story too. So I decided to start by trying Bulletproof Coffee, then I read the book, then I became an avid listener to the podcasts and started reading Dave’s blog.

Through that I learned so much about why my system was broken that I found a functional medicine doctor who helped get me back on track. By the time I got there I had full adrenal burn out (it was bad). But within a moth of a supplement and diet protocol I began to feel like me again. I had more energy, I wasn’t a total bitch all the time and my body didn’t hurt. It was heaven and I had hope. I was feeling great and ready to return to work when I herniated my back in September 2015. Since then my journey has been related to my back but my health has been rock solid.

Bulletproof Road Map.jpg

The most exciting thing about eating Bulletproof is that it is a spectrum (get a free copy of the roadmap from Bulletproof). So you choose the foods best for your body, and your biology. You making conscious choices about eating. It’s a program that evolves and isn’t rigid. The most liberating part for me is that it freed me from food (particularly sugar) cravings. I am not starving at 10am and distracted until I can eat again. I am not dying for sugar before or after meals, or at 3pm. Now I choose what to eat based on how I feel. Sometimes those are ‘red’ zone foods, but I have chosen them and enjoy them, I don’t feel compelled. While I am writing this I have been through 2 back surgeries in a year and over 5 years of health issues. My weight is down 30 pounds, with the only exercise I can do being gentle walking and small muscle group physical therapy exercise. Nothing that breaks a sweat, no lifting weights, and I feel great. The Diet is the key, and the coffee kicks that off.

This is why I joined the Bulletproof Coach Training program, so I can hep others find their way back to health, and balance. When you aren’t craving foods you don’t want to eat, when you aren’t exhausted and pissed off you can really start to enjoy your life and the people in it. So I have also decided to become a Bulletproof Affiliate so I can share more of what has worked for me with you. So if you are looking for weight loss, increased focus and energy or becoming more resilient to everyday challenges I am here. So I will be sharing the things I use and love and how I do it because everyone deserves to feel amazing. You deserve  your Better Life, and it is waiting!!!

As always if you have questions about Bulletproof or Coach Training, or want help on your own journey contact me. I am hear to help.


*there are affiliate links in this post. I only share things I actually use and enjoy. I share them through links because the income allows me to better serve you, and do fun giveaways!

Hack your sleep with iOS 9.3 | Night Shift

Hack your sleep with iOS 9.3 | Night Shift

So what is the big deal about Night Shift anyway? Well, it sure makes hacking your sleep a lot easier. The blue tone light that comes from screens such as your Computer, Tv Screen, Phone, Kindle ext.,  research has shown that blue light keeps you awake because it suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps your body fall asleep. Sadly, that means that the screens not only provide you with things to do that keep you awake, but they actually stop you getting to sleep when you want to on a biological level. So being able to use Night Shift allows you to turn your screen amber so that there is no sleep disrupting blue light.

This video shows you quickly and easily how to set up Night Shift on your iPhone.

And now it’s time for a pro-tip for easily turning on Night Shift

Night Shift Pro Tip

So for your iPhone and your iPad you now have Night Shift to take the blue out of your screens. The good news is that if you  must work late on your computer you can dim your screen using a program such as f.lux to get rid of that blue light. If you want to eliminate all the blue light from your evenings you can wear amber-tinted glasses – they’ve been shown to improve not only sleep quality but also mood.

If you are looking for additional hacks to get a better nights sleep you can try adding in a small amount of food such as a tablespoon of raw honey (not in tea because then it’s no longer raw, and changes the composition of the honey), or adding some more carbs to your dinner. Additionally supplementation can help, specifically adding Magnesium to your evening supplements. The most bioavailable Magnesium is in the citrate or nitrate form. I use this one.


Finally if you really want to get your sleep dialed in then tracking your sleep is key. I discovered the Beddit sleep tracker at the Bulletproof BioHacking conference 2015. I had a chance to dive into the science behind their sensors and their software, it was great to see how much thought has gone into this piece of technology. If you are looking to just start with sleep tracking the Sleep Cycle app is a great free option to begin to look into sleep tracking. If you start sleep tracking and are seeing that you aren’t getting good deep sleep or if your partner complains that you snore terribly or that you stop breathing in the night look into if sleep apnea or TMJ could be an issue. You can find out more about Sleep Apnea and TMJ from Dr. Bryan Baker’s website, he is a Maxillofacial Prosthodontist who specializes in sleep apnea and TMJ. Often the issue can be greatly improved with a simple appliance you wear at night, which is what I do, and it has made a  huge difference.

If you want to dive deeper into getting a better nights sleep please contact me, additionally if you are interested in my Better Sleep Hacks PDF join my mailing list in the sidebar and you will receive it!


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