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iPhone 7 Plus & Apple Watch Ver. 2 Unboxing

iPhone 7 Plus & Apple Watch Ver. 2 Unboxing

It’s Fall! For some this means leaves changing and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I live in Southern California, there isn’t a lot of foliage and frankly, I don’t love a Pumpkin Spice Latte. What I do love is Apple Products and for me Fall is iPhone launch time! This year I was also pleasantly surprised that there was a new Apple Watch. I have been wanting to update my watch to add a rose gold watch to my obsessive  awesome rose gold collection.

I will be updating this post as I road test the phone and it’s camera functions. So far I have gotten to play with the phone a little in low light and have loved the results.

Please enjoy the unboxing and let me know your thoughts on the latest from Apple.


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March | Planner Addict Box

March | Planner Addict Box

This box is a great balance in a month where we celebrate both Easter and St. Patricks day. The pen included is amazing! Sometimes the Planner Addict Shop has extras from the boxes…so if you love a good pen head over there and see if you can grab one. Also at $15 a month in the US these boxes are a great value.

March PAB_1
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I am on a transformational journey to find my Better Life. As a busy Lawyer for ten years and a mom of two very active boys life has been a constant struggle to find balance and bliss. I am an Arbonne consultant because the products are safe and healthy for my family and the community of world changing women is inspiring. You can find links to my Arbonne website above and on my website. I am also a Bulletproof Coach {in training}. I chose to undertake this Coach training program so that I can help others upgrade their lives….to find their own Better Life. it’s really hard to find your Better Life if you are out of balance, stressed and tired. I am fixing that for myself and can’t wait to help you do the same. Stay tuned on this journey, and feel free to reach out to me through my website or social media! I am here to help as your own lifestyle designer.
This is not a sponsored video. I share the things I like. If people give me anything for free (doubtful) I will tell you about it and share if I like it! I do share affiliate links which you will see so if you do choose to purchase something i mentioned the money can go back into my channel and more giveaways!!!